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Update 56.4b Now Available
Posted by Jio Butler on 18 May 2016 01:28 PM

In response to your important feedback, today we have released an update to Train Simulator to improve the .ap archive format, details of which can be found below.

We have made improvements to the efficiency of our .ap archives within Train Simulator, this will resolve the display of non-English languages for addons packaged in the .ap archive format and resolve the issue of addons disappearing from the front end menu as a result of having too many .ap archives cached at any one time.

The Train Simulator 56.4b update will download automatically from Steam. If you have any problems/queries with regard to the update, leave a comment below or submit a ticket to our support site where our Support Team will be ready to assist.

No Updated Content? Steam File Verify

In the unlikely event that Steam fails to update the Add-Ons listed in the article, you’ll need to perform a file verify and ensure Steam provisions your installation properly. Follow the instructions listed at this link to perform a file verify to reset your installation to default. Note that this process can take some time to complete and, if you have a high number of Add-Ons, we’d recommend you do this overnight.

If you find that after the file verify has completed, you are confident you have not received the update, please contact our Support Team by submitting a ticket to our support site where someone will assist you directly.

Steam Workshop Update

We're also working away on our next update which will resolve the issues you've reported on the Steam Workshop integration. The work on this update has been progressing well and we're hopeful to have an update out to you soon. As soon as we know more, we'll let you know on

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Workshop status update
Posted by Jio Butler on 16 May 2016 01:35 PM

As you may be aware, we are currently experiencing workshop- related issues with our software.

These issues may manifest in various ways, including the following:

  • The inability to launch the game (stuck on 'updating scenario database')
  • The inability to play a workshop scenario (cannot select the start button)
  • The inability to edit or create a workshop scenario

The development team are aware of this issue, however in the meantime if you are unable to access the game or you believe your issues may have something to do with the workshop problem, you can attempt the following solutions to help:

  • Unsubscribe from all workshop items in Train Simulator by navigating to Steam, selecting Train Simulator from your games library then selecting Browse the workshop> Your files> Subscribed items then selecting the 'unsubscribe' button from all workshop items in the list. Then, restart Steam.
  • Reinstall the game by right- clicking the title in your games library and selecting 'delete local content'. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee the safety of any modifications and third- party software you may have installed by uninstalling the game.
  • Verify your game files by right- clicking the title in your games library and selecting properties> DLC> Verify integrity of game cache
  • Clear your in- game cache by navigating to Settings> Tools> Clear cache

Please note that the above fixes may not completely solve the problem, but may help in some cases. 

If you have any queries regarding this process, feel free to open a ticket and the support team shall try to help.

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The Welsh Coradia – South Wales Coastal is Available Now!
Posted by Jio Butler on 07 April 2016 02:10 PM

Built between 1999 and 2001, the Class 175 is a Diesel Multiple unit built by Alstom as part of their Coradia family, the same as a variety of European multiple units both diesel and electric. They were built at Washford Heath in Birmingham for First North Western as they wanted to replace some of the older stock inherited from British Rail following privatisation, they are based in a purpose built depot in Chester.

In the late 1990s the initial order of Class 175 DMUs included a mix of 1, 2 and 3 car sets, with some of the 3 car sets being capable of 125mph and the rest would be 100mph. The units with a higher top speed would be used to run services into London, however due to the agreement between Railtrack and Virgin Trains, all high speed services would be ran exclusively by Virgin, leaving the order of 125mph trains useless. The order was changed to 16 three car and 11 two car sets with a top speed of 100mph. A 125mph capable unit was eventually built with a sleeker front end, featured 5 coaches and was classified as the Class 180.

The first Class 175 entered service in June 2000 operated by First North Western, however due to reliability issues with the bogies and brakes, older heritage units such as the Class 101 had to be ready at short notice in case a unit failed. These problems were eventually fixed leaving the Class 175 with a much more acceptable reliability. The Class 175 went on to be deemed as one of the most comfortable units built post-privatisation, a great achievement for Alstom.

Despite being owned by First North Western, all the Class 175s were leased to Arriva Trains Wales and some sub leased to First Trans Pennine Express, as a result the branding was removed of the units, leaving behind an unbranded First Group livery. The original Arriva livery was nicknamed the ‘ghostly’ livery for its white front end, it lacked Arriva’s branding and was only applied to 175 008 and 175 110.

After First Trans Pennine Express received their new Class 185s, the Class 175s became exclusively operated by Arriva Trains Wales, as a result the standard Arriva livery and the ATW branding was applied, the standard livery saw the nameplates of the Class 175s removed.

The Arriva Trains Wales Class 175 features, along with the Great Western Railway HST and Freightliner Class 70, as part of the now available South Wales Costal route. A selection of Career and Railfan Mode scenarios are included depicting a variety of stunning and challenging modern era movements. The Arriva Trains Wales Class 158 Express Sprinter and Class 143 Pacer also compliment the route in the form of a twin-pack.

The South Wales Coastal route – as it is called by the drivers who run it every day – features the 40 mile route from Bristol Temple Meads and Bristol Parkway to Cardiff Central via the Severn Tunnel. Cardiff Bay to Cardiff Queen Street is also included alongside the Great Western Railway HST and DMU depots at St Philip’s Marsh and Barton Hill, also featured is the Arriva Trains Wales depot at Cardiff, a variety of freight yards and the container freight loading point at Wentloog.

As a special bonus, those who purchase the South Wales Coastal route and the Arriva Trains Wales DMU Twin Pack will receive the First Great Western Class 158 free of charge which will be coming soon!

South Wales Coastal is OUT NOW for Train Simulator, head to the Store for full details.

For the full article with screenshots, please see here

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The Class 156 ‘Super Sprinter’ is Back!
Posted by Jio Butler on 06 April 2016 08:30 AM

The Class 156 DMU, also known as a Super Sprinter, was built from 1987 to 1989 by Metro-Cammell as part of the effort to replace the ageing fleet of first-generation DMUs dating back to the 1950s. The Class 156s were all built as two-car sets, each set comprising a pair of driving motor units. Powered by 6-cylinder diesel engines, Super Sprinters are rated to run at 75mph and are used mainly for suburban and short-haul branch line duties. All units have now passed from British Rail ownership into private hands, and are currently in operation with a number of train operators including Scotrail, Northern Rail, East Midlands Trains, and National Express East Anglia.

Updated Features & Fixes

  • Opening Doors at stations no longer crashes the software

  • Added Projecting exterior headlights for low light visibility

  • Added Cab night lighting (activated using Shift + L)

  • Added Quick Drive Compatibility

  • Added Non-driver vehicles

View the full article here.

The Class 156, developed by Oovee, is now back on sale, click here for full details.

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Posted by Jio Butler on 04 March 2016 10:43 AM

Great news, virtual pilots!  Active Sky Next: Steam Edition has been updated to SP 4.1 (including SP 4.0). The approximate size of this update is 207.7KB

Complete change log is as follows:

Service Pack 4.1:
– Fixed issue with certain conditions causing severe icing when not intended
– Fixed issue relating to FZFG or FZBR (freezing fog or mist) incorrectly causing freezing rain depiction and associated icing
– Reduced icing rates in snow precipitation conditions

Service Pack 4.0:
– Fixed issue with date handling when loading saved weather file
– Fixed issue related to BR, FG plus RA or SN in a METAR resulting in no precipitation
– Icing depiction adjustments for more consistent and expected results both in and below clouds (i.e. freezing rain)
– Fixed an issue regarding surface temperature interpolation
– Additional RVR/Runway Conditions handling adjustment
– Fixed issue regarding 9999+ meters decoding when vis close to threshold (5.6SM)
– Fixed issue with radar API leading to excessive intensity levels in lighter rain for areas close to the aircraft
– Adjusted “Ambients error” message to be more accurate, descriptive and refer to a special URL ( which goes directly to our knowledgebase article
– Adjusted documentation regarding ambients error and SimConnect and networked configurations
– Fixed issue with METAR visibility parsing related to RVR and “Runway Conditions” elements being mis-identified, resulting in improper visibility

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