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Enter the Valley – Ruhr Sieg Nord has arrived for Consoles!
Posted by DTG Support DM on 09 October 2018 10:46 AM

Explore the stunning locale of rural Germany as Ruhr Sieg Nord: Hagen – Finnentrop has arrived for Train Sim World on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

One of the Oldest Lines in Germany

Word of a horse-drawn railway to better transport coal for Siegen’s iron and steel industries was first heard in the 1830s, however, many disputes would take place regarding the route itself, and where it would go via. With the project now pushed back to the 1850s, horse-drawn
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Train Sim World: Ruhr Sieg Nord – OUT NOW
Posted by DTG Support (Trains) on 16 August 2018 06:23 PM

Explore a valley of tales today, as the latest expansion for Train Sim World, Ruhr Sieg Nord, recreates the northern section of one of the oldest lines in Germany, and it is available now for Windows PC!

Here’s 10 Things to Try in Train Sim World: Ruhr Sieg Nord

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The Dawn of a New Era
Posted by DTG Support (Trains) on 14 August 2018 10:19 AM

As perhaps the single biggest feature request for Train Simulator since it came to market all those years ago, we’re excited to announce that Train Simulator 2019 will include Train Simulator 64-bit.

We’ve put together some points below to explain more about what this means and we’re sure you’ll all have lots of questions once you’ve been through this article and we’ll answer these on the
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Somerset Sunshine Update Available Now for Train Sim World
Posted by DTG Support SD on 12 June 2018 03:16 PM

In response to your important feedback, today we have released an update for Train Sim World: West Somerset Railway on PC that addresses a number of issues which you have raised with us.

Here’s a list of what has been addressed:


  • Fixed issues with the manual
  • Fixed another cause of springy
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BIG Train Sim World Announcement!
Posted by DTG Support SD on 01 June 2018 10:11 AM

On July 24th, the complete Train Sim World experience will be available as a multi-route package for the first time on Windows PC, Xbox One & PS4!


Train Sim World offers you the opportunity to be the driver. Walk around stations, sidings and freight yards in immersive First-Person, on some of the World’s
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