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Optimisation Feedback and Status Update
Posted by Molly DTG on 21 March 2017 04:07 PM
Hi all, here's an update on where we're at. So, we are currently right in the midst of correlating and experimenting with your feedback, still working hard to understand the full cause of the performance issues being reported.

We are planning to give access to Update Test Builds as we go, so that you can all get more involved in experiencing potential fixes before they’re brought to the main game as a full update. Each update will also have full patch notes, once we know what we’re hoping to get into each Test Build. Some things are more complex to fix than others, but ease isn’t always the right priority order to fix things in. More news on Update 2 hopefully soon.

In the meantime, we have put together a list of suggestions based on in-house testing and your community feedback that may improve the overall performance of TSW: CSX Heavy Haul ahead of any Test Builds:

1. Update drivers
2. Reduce shadow settings
3. Change to Full Screen mode (as opposed to Windowed Full Screen)
4. Turn off vsync
5. Lower your graphical settings by 1 (Ultra -> High, High -> Medium)
6. Set foliage settings to low
7. Reduce view distance to medium
8. For those that have a high-end nVidia Card (GTX 1060+), Go to nVidia Settings and set PhysX to GPU, and also enable DSR (VSR for AMD graphics cards.)

Additional performance enhancing suggestion:

Ensure the game is running at native resolution (usually 1920x1080), lower your graphical settings and drop the screen percentage to 100%. NVIDIA users should check that their control panel 3d settings are set up correctly, do select "prefer maximum performance" under power settings.

Please let us know if any of these suggestions result in any noticeable improvements and feel free to suggest your own in this thread... Thank you for your patience and posting.


[19th March, 11.54am] Hi all. We’re very aware that some people are having better optimised TSW experiences than others, so here’s where we’re at.

Anyone posting detailed, constructive information about their experience – good or not so good – ideally in the Technical Support forum or to our Customer Support[] team is really helping us to isolate and triage.

From there, we’ll then be investigating those collated and reported optimisation issues. They will take time to work through, as we look at what type of PC setups are experiencing specific problems.

So while we don't have the detailed fix info you'd likely want yet - and it would be wrong to attempt a timeline for this right now - we are absolutely looking to make updates to the build.

Thank you for posting. While we can’t reply to everyone, we are reading and collecting and as you can see from Update 1: Test Build on Friday, we’re looking to update as we go.
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Update 1: Test Build - For Review
Posted by Molly DTG on 21 March 2017 04:05 PM
Hi all. We intend to make this Update 1: Test Build live in the main game ideally today or tomorrow. Any issues U1TB resolved will then be corrected in the main game.

It will NOT resolve any other keyboard combinations you've reported to us as not working since Update 1 went live.

The update that fixes those issues is in progress right now and also has a good number of additional fixes in it. Full details on this will come later this week.

Why are you just adding this one to the main game?
What we're trying to do is make sure that anyone having problems this build corrects, can swap to playing extensively on the main game not just this little test build.

Will there be a new Update 2 Test Build?
Yes. We will be removing U1TB and starting work on U2TB once we've updated the main game.

Player Profile
If you have played extensively in the U1TB version, here's how to backup and move your game profile, so you won't lose any progress when reverting back to the main game....

1. Go to My Documents in Explorer

2. Find: My Games\TS2Prototype\Saved\SaveGames - this folder is the only destination that profle data is saved in.

3. Copy the files within this folder to a brand new folder on your PC, for example, on the desktop.

4. Load Steam and swap back to the main Train Sim World game experience (right click on the game in your library, choose Properties, select the BETAS tab, go back to NONE.)

5. Go back to My Games\TS2Prototype\Saved\SaveGames - which should now be empty. Copy the desktop folder files back into this folder.

6. Load TSW and you should have your progress stored and available.

Thanks all. We'll be back with more info day to day, when we have something new to update you with.


Hi all. It’s the day after launch, and we’ve been investigating, triaging and working on the details for future updates. At this point we cannot confirm dates for everything you’ve reported, but what we CAN do this weekend is open up a separate branch of Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul, for you to check the immediately proposed fixes below.

Update 1: Test Build

1. Non-QWERTY Keyboard Mapping Issues – Auto Brake, Camera Control +
2. VR issues – Mistakenly loading VR console & audio

How Do I Get Access To This Proposed Update?
By changing the game build.

1. Right click on Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul in your Steam Library.
2. Select Properties, then the Beta Tab.
3. Select U1TB in the drop down.
4. Download the update and launch the game.

(You'll need to unsubscribe from this branch in order to go back to the 16th March release version, you can do this by right-clicking on TSW: CSX HH and select None - Opt out of all beta programs)

Why Aren't You Fixing Optimisation or FPS Issues Yet?
Those are large scale, complex updates. We’re absolutely working on how we approach any fixes, but for this first weekend, we’d like to test out the small but hopefully very helpful issues above. We will come back to you at a later date on any other updates and we appreciate your patience – we are listening and working on it.

This Build Fixes My Problem, What Should I Do Now?
Hopefully this will allow anyone having those problems to let us know we’ve resolved them, and we’ll move ahead with a main build update for them after the weekend. Please do let us know, but also read the full patch notes below.

Additionally, if for some reason this proposed update does NOT fix your keyboard or VR problem let us know about that as well!

Patch Size: 219Mb

+ VR Client no longer loads unexpectedly and audio does not play through VR headset.
+ Added keyboard support for RU, NL. BE, CZ, TRQ, HU & Arabic: AB101, AB102AZERTY
+ Gauge Lights re-mapped to O in Turkish.

Do keep your detailed and constructive feedback coming!

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Hi all,

It has come to our attention that there are a few issues in relation to non-QWERTY (English) keyboards in TSW.

In order to get to the bottom of this issue and get it resolved as quickly as possible, it is necessary that we gather as much information as possible from those affected.

Simply let us know in this thread what country you are from, your keyboard layout and a brief description of the issue.

Thanks in advance

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Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul is OUT NOW on Steam for Windows PC
Posted by Molly DTG on 21 March 2017 03:57 PM

The future of train simulation has arrived! We are proud to announce that Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul, our latest, next-generation train simulator, is available now on Steam!

To celebrate the release, and to immerse you in the dramatic and authentic scene of Sand Patch Grade, we present to you our 10 favourite things to do in Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul. Feel free to try them out!

1: Go For a Walk

Wander around Cumberland Yard at your own pace. Select Cumberland Switchback from the Scenarios Menu and you now have total freedom to do what you want in the safety of the yard. Get familiar with the locomotives, do a little light switching, whatever you choose to do there are no time limits or objectives to achieve.

2: Hopper-Up

Watch the AI running in Services Mode. Go to Services Mode, Spawn on Foot, select Shaw Mines at 16:00 and watch the coal being loaded, you can also climb on the loco or any coal hopper ladder to get a better view.

3: Feel the Detail

Explore Sand Patch Grade on Foot. There’s an immense amount of detail either side of the rails that you don’t get to appreciate while flying along at speed. Slow things down and truly take in the magnificent sights and sounds along Sand Patch Grade.

4: CSX Switching

Switch and Kick Cars. Select Cumberland Switchback and using the pair of GP38-2s on the other side of the fuelling shed, you can switch and kick cars to your hearts content without any time limits or objectives to achieve.

5: Ride the Rails

Board trains and ride them as a passenger, in the cab, on the front, in a box car, hanging off the side of a Bethgon. Great fun for trains that make short runs.

6: Sequence of Service

In Cumberland Switchback, set out different groups of locos and get all the MU combinations working. Can you get them all powered? all braking? what about hauling them dead but with brakes?

7: Kick Back and Relax

Pick a fresh location and start time each time you play. Try out different combinations and just leave it to run in the background, you get a nice countryside background sound and occasionally a train roaring by, just like a “rail cam”.

8: Hidden Gems

Finding collectables is not only its own reward but a great way of seeing parts of the route you wouldn’t otherwise see. Handy Tip: Start at the turntable in Cumberland Yard.

9: Turn the Tables

Messing around with the wheelhouse in Cumberland Yard. Get good with the turntable, both with and without the cameras and hit left and right cursor keys to get alternative views.

10: Go Extreme

Driving in a blizzard. In Service Mode, pick your favourite loco, set the conditions to extreme and off you go to battle the elements!

After you’ve taken the time to explore Sand Patch Grade, be sure to tell us your favourite ways to Feel the Detail in Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul!

To start your journey with the future of train simulation, head over to the Steam Store and be captivated by CSX heavy haulers on the stunning Sand Patch Grade route!

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A-Grade Performance | Super D!
Posted by Jio Butler on 09 March 2017 10:52 AM

Designed as a successor to the LNWR’s extensive 0-8-0 fleet, which had lineage dating back to the 1890s, the G2 Class surfaced in the 1920s and, thanks to its developments, was able to dominate the LNWR and LMS network right through to the end of steam. To rekindle the fire of a bygone era, the LNWR G2 comes to authentic life within Train Simulator, courtesy of Partner Programme developer MeshTools, ready for contemporary mixed-traffic service!

Building upon the previous iteration of 0-8-0 locomotives became nothing short of a habit for the LNWR, and early examples such as the A Class were consistently rebuilt to incorporate new features. One particular class of locomotive, the G2, was designed as a more capable 0-8-0 than the earlier G1, which in turn was essentially a superheated D Class. Upgraded features such as a higher boiler pressure, strengthened frames, large axles and axle boxes plus a redesigned and strengthened direct acting joy valve gear were all present in the G2, and the 60 locomotives which were produced were all entirely new builds.

While the LNWR G2 Class comprised of an average-sized fleet, the overall number of active 0-8-0s totalled up to 502 – the 4th largest fleet of the LMS and 6th largest of British Railways. With numbers running high, the LNWR 0-8-0s were a regular sight across the network, and the G2s, with their various advancements, proved popular for nearly any duty. Freight, passenger, banking, shunting, you name it and a G2 would often be at the helm.

As the now-merged LMS began to further innovate in locomotive design, with Sir William Stanier producing iconic designs such as the LMS Black 5, Jubilee and Princess Coronation Classes, the LNWR 0-8-0s managed to stand their ground as a worthy piece of the railway puzzle. Surprisingly, the G2 fleet became subject to a number of Stanier-overseen upgrades, the net result being that no two G2s were ever quite the same.

Having served since 1921, the G2s were starting to age alongside even older LNWR 0-8-0s. It was decided that a further development process would be undertaken, and the result was the LMS 7F. Also known as the G3, nicknamed Austin 7, the LMS 7F followed on from the G2 and featured a long travel Walschaerts valve gear and higher boiler pressure, and was intended to allow the 0-8-0s to retire. The 7Fs were fantastic when they worked, however they were very prone to failures. Inadequate axle boxes from Derby’s 4F spelled an early end for the expensive to run and rarely available 7F fleet, the last of which was withdrawn in 1959.

Having outlived their ‘successors’, the G2 locomotives lived on until 1964, with the last two leaving service at the end of that year. Out of the 60 LNWR G2 locomotives, which were known by many as the Super Ds, only one survived into preservation. Today, 49395 lives in Shildon as part of the National Railway Museum’s collection.

The LNWR G2 Class for Train Simulator authentically recreates the mixed-traffic icon in clean and weathered LNWR, LMS and BR liveries, complete with contemporary freight rolling stock and a bonus LNER J94 steam locomotive in weathered BR Black livery. For even more steam-era authenticity, a LNER J50 is also included for AI purposes.

Career Scenarios for the Weardale & Teesdale Network will let you put your skills to the test in both the LNWR G2 and LNER J94, and both locomotives are Quick Drive compatible so you can test your metal wherever you may choose!

Advanced Features

  • Accurate back-to-front regulator and reverser
  • Regulator that can freely move, sometimes even shut itself!
  • Braking can cause the wheels to lock up, and is less effective at higher speeds
  • Brake rub can worsen braking effect over time
  • Water level gauge glass simulation, as you move the water level will react
  • Overfilling the boiler can cause carry over, where water enters the cylinders via the superheater, resulting in an uncontrollable steam flow
  • Gravity and steam-powered, front and rear, finite sanding
  • Advanced adhesion, a number of factors can determine how easily the G2 will slip
  • Advanced firing and injectors, for firing, a custom-written auto-fireman will allow you to focus on the driving
  • Dynamic smoke effect and fire mass, judge the condition of your locomotive by learning what different smoke colours represent
  • Detailed manual to guide you on learning the intricacies of the LNWR G2

The LNWR G2 is available now for Train Simulator, head to the Store for more details!

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