How do I use the controls in the cockpit?
Posted by on 08 July 2015 01:00 PM

In Flight Simulator cockpits, the mouse pointer acts as your hand. Just click, drag, or place the pointer over a control.

To flip a toggle switch, place the mouse pointer over the switch and then click. Click again to return the switch to its original position.

To turn knobs, place your pointer over the knob. As the pointer pauses on either side of the knob, the pointer becomes a hand with a plus or minus sign. To turn the knob to the left, click when the minus sign (-) appears. To turn the knob to the right, click when the plus sign (+) appears. You can also turn knobs by rotating the mouse wheel.

2-D panel icons offer an easy way to access the Kneeboard, the radios, the GPS, and other cockpit features located on pop-up windows. Click an icon to display or hide that window.

You can use the mouse to move controls, such as the throttle and mixture. First move the pointer over the control, then click and hold while dragging.