How do I host a multiplayer session?
Posted by on 08 July 2015 01:17 PM

Hosting a multiplayer session means that your PC will be used as a hub to allow participants to share information about the session, including the position of their aircraft, air traffic instructions etc. To host a session, you will need to ensure that your network settings allow internet access to your PC. Many home and corporate networks will not, by default allow external access to your machine - see the section Firewall and Router setup for some details on how to configure your network.

You can alert other users to your host a session in two ways - either using Steam to advertise it or by promoting your session details on your LAN. As noted earlier, users can directly join your session if your IP address is available on the Internet and they connect directly.

In order to host a session, click on the button in the bottom right of the main multiplayer screen ‘Host a Session’. You’ll then be presented with a number of options that will define the parameters of your session.

The Session availability section has the following options:

  1. ‘Make this session visible to everyone’ means that people on the Internet via Steam and/or people on your local network can see and connect to your session.
  2. ‘Make this a private session’ means that participants can only be connect directly to your IP address - your session will not be listed on either Steam or LAN. See the Connecting Directly section for more details.

Once you are happy with your choices, continue through the next few screens which enable you define the session setup further and continue to the Briefing Room screen.

The Briefing Room allows the host to manage the roles and status of the connected players in the session and allow chat between those players. The host can choose whether to wait for everyone to be ready before starting the game or to go straight to the tarmac and let players join when they are ready.

Click FLY NOW when you’re ready to start the session.