My peripheral is not working or my peripheral keeps cutting out when I change or swap between windows
Posted by on 07 September 2016 02:38 PM

To troubleshoot connection issues with a peripheral please try the following steps:

  1. Is your controller compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition? Please check with the developer of your controller to see if they state it is compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition.
  2. Is your USB port working correctly? Trying using the same port with another controller such as a mouse. If the port is not working plug your controller into a different one on your computer.
  3. Do you have lots of different controllers or devices plugged into various USB ports? Your PC can only pass so much power to the USB ports at any one time. Try unplugging some of the other devices.
  4. Is the controller working in other games? Try using your controller with a different game. If it is not working correctly in that game either this suggestions there could an issue with the hardware itself, your USB or the driver for your controller.
  5. Check that you are using the latest driver for your controller. Most hardware developers have controller driver information on their websites. If you are not using the latest version available for you device please download and install it.
  6. Contact the developer of your peripheral who can offer you further support.