Who should I contact if I need technical support?
Posted by on 22 July 2015 09:50 AM

If you own the boxed edition Microsoft Flight Simulator X you should contact Microsoft with any support issues. Their primary support area for FSX is here If you are having difficulty installing FSX: Steam Edition, or difficulty purchasing the software through Steam please contact Valve support here If you are having an issue with an FSX add-on, please contact the publisher of that add-on. If you are having an issue other than installation specific to FSX: Steam Edition please submit a ticket using this site. As is indicated above there are multiple teams responsible for different areas of Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition, and should you encounter any kind of problem we will try to help you as quickly as possible. Due to the complexity of the FSX ecosystem however it may be that you are referred to multiple support teams to resolve some problems. For this we apologise in advance, but hope we can resolve any problems encountered rapidly..