Moving Train Simulator or Train Sim World to a Different Drive
Posted by DTG Support (Trains) on 22 June 2020 01:03 PM

If you, like many other players, have run out of space on your hard disk and want to move it to a bigger drive you have installed in your PC, there's an easy process you can follow to transfer your installation to the other drive. You don't need to be a computer expert to complete these steps as Steam includes all the necessary functions for you to move one of our products very easily. Just follow the steps below to find out how.

As with any of our guides, if you're not a computer whizz, don't worry. We'd recommend you read through the guide first to familiarise yourself with the steps required before actually completing them. If you get stuck, get in touch with us to let us know you need further help.

Getting Setting Up

First, we'll need to prepare a place for Train Simulator or Train Sim World to be moved to. To do this, we'll walk you through the process of setting up a Steam Library folder. If you already have Steam Library folder, you can skip these steps and go to the Moving My Installation section. If you're not sure what a Steam Library folder is, read on.

When you install Steam for the first time, it creates a special set of folders where all your games and applications that you buy from Steam are installed into. These are called Steam Library folders. You always start with one set of Steam Library folders on the same hard disk that you installed Steam to. However, if you want to install games and applications on to a different hard disk, you will need to create a new set of folders for that purpose.

Before you go through the steps below, you need to know that Steam Library folders need to be empty folders and you cannot choose any folders that contain any other files. Some other things you need to know:

  • When we say select or click, we mean press the left mouse button.
  • When we say right-click, we mean press the right mouse button.
  • When we say double-click, we mean press the left mouse button twice in quick succession.
  • We might use hard disk and hard drive interchangeably, they refer to the same type of storage device.
  1. If Steam isn't running, load Steam by double-clicking the Desktop icon or from your Start Menu.
  2. Select the Steam menu, then click Settings.
  3. From the options in the Settings Window, select Downloads in the left-hand side. Then select STEAM LIBRARY FOLDERS :

  1. From the Steam Library folders window, click the button ADD LIBRARY FOLDER:

  1. At the top of the Create or Select new Steam Library folder window, select the button at the top of the window that's marked C:\ and, from the options presented, click on your other hard disk. You may have more than one drive, just select the one you'd like to create your new Steam Library folder on. We're using our D:\ drive here:

  1. Select the D:\ drive which is below the main button. Using our example above, we want you to click on the D:\ which is between the D:\ at the top and the $RECYCLE.BIN.
  2. Click the NEW FOLDER button:

  1. Leave the text as SteamLibrary and click OK.
  2. The Choose directory name dialog window will close and, from the previous window, click Select. (If you happen to click off the window and it loses it's selection, or doesn't seem to do anything, just click on the SteamLibrary name in the folder list and click Select.)

  1. If done correctly, you will now note a new Steam Library folder appears in the list as above. Yours might look a bit different to our example and you may have two entries in your list. Don't worry, you haven't done anything wrong, we've just changed our image to roughly give you an example of what it should look like.
  2. Click Close to close the Steam Library Folders window, and then OK to close the Steam Settings window.

You now have a new Steam Library setup and ready to use and you can continue with the instructions below.

Moving My Installation

To move one of our products to another Steam Library folder on a different drive, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to your Steam Games Library and locate the game you wish to move.
  2. Right-click on the name in the left-hand list, and select Properties from the menu.
  3. Click the Local Files tab.
  4. Click the MOVE INSTALL FOLDER... button.
  5. From the Move Install Folder dialog window, select the new Steam Library folder where you want to move your product to, and click MOVE FOLDER.
  6. Your game will now be moved to the new location.

Please be aware that if the game you are moving is large, it might take some time and Steam may appear to have stopped responding or may not respond whilst it's busy moving files. It's important you do not close Steam until it has finished. Now is a great time to go and get a hot or cold drink or a bite to eat. When Steam finishes the process it will tell you it's completed the process.