How do I verify my game files?
Posted by on 23 March 2017 03:51 PM

The Steam Client offers a way to verify your game installation. This will check for any corrupted or missing files in the core game and any DLC you have installed.
The following is a step- by- step guide on how to perform a file verification. After this is complete, any missing files will automatically be re- downloaded. If you have been encountering a problem before the file verification, please attempt to reproduce the issue after the process is complete, to see if it has fixed the issue.

1- Load the Steam client and find the game in your Steam games library

2- Right- click the game and select 'Properties'

3- Select 'local files' and then click on 'Verify Integrity of Game Files'

Afterwards, restart Steam by right- clicking the icon on your system tray and selecting 'Exit' and relaunching.

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