I have been asked to provide a Logmate report, how do I do this?
Posted by Darren Nokes on 26 October 2016 10:34 AM

A logmate report will tell us exactly what is happening in the game before and during any issue you may be encountering. This will help us to find a potential solution to your problem.
Please note that after a prolonged period of time, Logmate will start to make your game run very slowly. In this instance we suggest opening the game in Windowed mode and selecting File> Clear logs until you get to the point where you are about to reproduce the issue. This will ensure there is no irrelevant data in the log.

1. Right Click on the game in your Steam games library

2. Select Properties

3. Click on the Set Launch Options button

4. In the Launch Options window, add the logmate option  -LogMate -SetLogFilters=all
Note: Options must be entered EXACTLY as described, as they are case and whitespace sensitive. Remember the dashes, spaces and the capital letters.

5. Click OK and then launch the game.

6. Perform whatever action you have been having issues with

7. Close the game.

8. Select File -> Save Log from the menu on the Logmate Window

9. Save the file in an easily- accessible place such as your desktop

10. Add this file to your support ticket.