How do I start a mission in Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition?
Posted by on 08 July 2015 12:47 PM

Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition includes interactive challenges and adventures called Missions. Developed for a wide range of skill levels and interests, Missions let you experience the breadth and variety of Flight Simulator X in new ways. Whether you want to fly an ultralight through hoops in the sky, perform stunts in an aerobatic plane, try bush flying in a classic floatplane, fly a search and rescue, or pilot an airliner using a real-world flight plan, Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition has a mission for you.

Missions are available for beginning, intermediate, advanced, and expert pilots. As you successfully complete missions you’ll collect rewards for your Pilot Records. If you’ve never flown before, choose a tutorial mission to get into the air now!

To access the mission please do the following:

  1. On the Main menu, click Missions.
  2. Select a mission.
  3. Click Go to Briefing.
  4. Read the short briefing, and then click Fly Now.