TSW: NEC New York Freight Services Update Now Available
Posted by DTG Support SD on 19 April 2018 03:45 PM

With our latest update for Train Sim World: Northeast Corridor New York, the highly anticipated Service Mode CSX freight operations are now yours to drive!

Please find full details below:

All new services have been added utilising the included CSX GP38-2, and also the CSX GP40-2 (available separately), depicting a “day in the life” for a CSX Engineer in New York.

The new services add around another 10 hours of unique freight-orientated gameplay to Train Sim World: Northeast Corridor New York; you’ll manage trash trains between Oak Point and Harlem, sort manifest trains and deliver freight cars around Oak Point and Hunts Point yards, move trains between Fresh Pond Junction and Oak Point and do various switching moves in all the yards.

For more details, please see our article on Dovetail Live.

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Take to the East Coast!
Posted by Dovetail Games Support on 06 April 2018 03:56 PM

CreativeRail’s East Coast Main Line Modern: York – Peterborough route is available now!

For a limited time only, those who already own at least one of the locomotives featured with the route, the InterCity Class 91, EWS Class 66, and Class 158, can purchase this route at a discount!

Stretching 112 miles between the principal cites of Peterborough and York, and featuring the 9-mile Selby connection, this route captures some of Britain’s fastest, record-breaking rails, historical locations such as the workshops of Doncaster, and of course the highlight that is York station itself – 141 years old and frequented by millions every year.

No less than 10 Career scenarios await, where it can be your duty to perform expresses aboard the InterCity Swallow-liveried High Speed Trains and Class 91s; slower regional services in the Class 158, or even work the significant amount of freight that traverses the line, headed by both the classic Class 47 and modern Class 66.

With quick drive compatibility, the ECML: York – Peterborough route has totally unlocked potential, as it can play host to a multitude of representable eras and services; including the steam age with Gresley Pacifics, Deltic domination, it’s even part of the Cross Country Route.

This route, when used in tandem with the other East Coast Main Line routes available on Steam, allow for a full 268 mile journey from London Kings Cross to Newcastle!

Get the missing link today, the fastest section of the modern-day ECML between York and Peterborough, available now for Train Simulator! Head to the Store for more details ■

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TSW: NEC New York Update Available Now
Posted by Dovetail Games Support on 04 April 2018 02:09 PM

In response to your important feedback, today we have released an update for Train Sim World: Northeast Corridor New York.

Here is a list of what has been addressed:


  • Signal lights in New York Penn corrected to show proper aspects
  • Improved spider signals at the Dock Bridge end of Newark Penn


  • New York Switcher Scenario - Added correct intro card
  • New York Switcher Scenario - Added exit instruction so scenario can be ended naturally
  • Fixed world lighting where it suddenly got brighter as you were driving south from New Rochelle
  • New York Penn and Secaucus Junction physical material updated to correct footstep sounds
  • Re-oriented 5 switch stands at Oak Point Yard


  • Alerter audio updated
  • ACS-64 - AI now have traction motor sounds playing
  • ACS-64 - Added dynamic brake audio


  • Improved corridor connections so they are always consistently connected
  • Alerter updated on ACS-64
  • Improved visual quality of ADU displays
  • Improved overall lighting response on vehicles
  • Improved shadow to remove skylight reflections for vehicles in tunnels
  • Corrected spelling mistake on MFD for word “Reservoir”
  • ACS-64 - Swapped position of pantograph height detection volumes so the pantographs should now be at their correct heights
  • GP40-2 - Fixed rear ditch lights
  • GP40-2 - Fixed number board on YN3 livery

If you own Train Sim World: Northeast Corridor New York, the update will download automatically from Steam. If you have any problems/queries in regards to the update, leave a comment below or submit a ticket to our support site where our Support Team will be ready to assist.

In the unlikely event that Steam fails to update Train Sim World, you’ll need to perform a file verify and ensure Steam provisions your installation properly. Follow the instructions listed at this link to perform a file verify to reset your installation to default.

If you find that after the file verify has completed, you are confident you have not received the update, please contact our Support Team by submitting a ticket to our support site where someone will assist you directly.

Thank you all for your continued feedback and support, keep it coming! 

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TSW: Northeast Corridor New York – OUT NOW!
Posted by Dovetail Games Support on 20 March 2018 05:16 PM

Our next expansion for Train Sim World, entitled Northeast Corridor New York, is Out Now for Windows PC, and reproduces the famed “NEC” for modern Amtrak and CSX “Big Apple” railroading!

Here’s 10 things for you to try when you get your hands on Train Sim World: Northeast Corridor New York!

Drive the “Amtrak Cities Sprinter”

The 8600 horsepower ACS-64 locomotive is your prime traction in Train Sim World: Northeast Corridor New York, working key Amtrak services through and surrounding New York Penn station.

Go for a Ride

The included Coachclass, Café and Businessclass Amtrak Amfleet I passenger cars are authentically crafted and offer a high level of interactivity, and taking in the “NEC” from a passenger perspective is entirely immersive.

Spend the Day Railfanning

Pick a station and time of your choosing and watch the bustling action unfold! Walk around to try and find the perfect angle for that once-in-a-lifetime shot.

Sunnyside & Suds

Walking around the expansive Sunnyside Yard lets you get an up-close look at the included Amtrak equipment, and with included scenario called “Right Round”, you are tasked with taking an ACS-64 through the train wash.

Visit Iconic Locations

Service Mode allows you to spawn on-foot at more than just stations; get a first person look at the almighty Hell Gate Bridge and take in the sheer scale of this 100-year old marvel of engineering.

Explore Freight Yards

Use Service Mode to spawn into the likes of Oak Point Yard, Hunts Point and Fresh Pond Junction, walk around and move freight cars into position with the EMD GP38-2 in CSX’s distinctive YN3 livery.

Expand Your Experience

If you own the CSX GP40-2 add-on, or decide to pick it up alongside Northeast Corridor New York, not only does it now also include the YN3b livery, it will dynamically incorporate itself onto the “NEC” around the various freight yards; in addition, CSX Heavy Haul’s YN3b GP38-2 will appear.

Switch about Oak Point

The included scenario “New York Switching” brings ‘free mode’ operations starting at Oak Point Yard, similar in many ways to CSX Heavy Haul’s own “Cumberland Switchback” – with power at your disposal and CSX trackage to explore, what will you get up to?

Go Hunting for Collectables

There are a total of 75 collectables scattered about the Northeast Corridor New York route, including route maps, hazard cones, and ‘No Trespassing’ signs, where will you go looking first?

Take out the Trash

In the included scenario “Trash Collector”, you are in charge of transferring trash cars between Oak Point Yard and Harlem Terminal using a duo of CSX’s venerable GP38-2s. The famed ‘trash trains’ are a vital, daily aspect of the city that never sleeps.

Corridors, Corridors Everywhere

Set up your ACS-64 as required by taking the trip between the two cabs, via the featured carbody corridor where additional controls can be found. Once ready to go, leave one corridor for another and take to the rails in Train Sim World: Northeast Corridor New York, available now!

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Train Sim World: Founders Edition – OUT NOW for Xbox One!
Posted by Dovetail Games Support on 09 March 2018 02:13 PM

Ever wanted to drive a train? Well, now you can from the comfort of your living room – Train Sim World: Founders Edition is Out Now exclusively for Xbox One!

The Great Western Main Line started construction in 1835 as a grand effort by famed engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, to link the Southwest of England to London, and the line was quickly established as a major link for both businesses and residents, in and outside the capital.

The first three stages of the “GWML” saw the line between London and Reading completed, this stretch of track followed the Thames Valley, and by Brunel’s design was noticeably level, being dubbed “Brunel’s Billiard Table”.

Today, the line is operated by Great Western Railway, and has for over 40 years been the definition of high-speed with the introduction of the ‘InterCity 125’ BR Class 43 HST (High Speed Train), a British icon in and of itself that has sped passengers out of London at 125mph with ease for decades.

“GWR” also provide local services along the Thames Valley utilising the 1990s-built ‘Networker Turbo’ diesel multiple units, including the BR Class 166, a 3-car unit capable of bringing commuters into the heart of the Capital, while keeping up with the bustling schedule.

Having rail connections across the length and breadth of Britain, the GWML also sees significant freight traffic daily. DB Schenker are frequently tasked with hauling freight across the Thames Valley, for which they employ a fleet of BR Class 66 diesel-electric locomotives, 3300 horsepower brutes which share heritage with the American SD40-2.

With Train Sim World: Founders Edition, available now exclusively for Xbox One, the full “Great Western Express” experience awaits!

Download the Train Sim World: Founders Edition Quick Start Guide here.

Be the Driver…

Step into the feature-accurate cabs of the BR Class 43 HST, BR Class 166 and BR Class 66 and perform a variety of high-speed, local stopper and key freight services along the stunningly recreated Great Western Main Line between London Paddington and Reading.

…Beat the Clock…

Managing a balance of safety and timeliness provides a unique challenge. No matter your duty, be that stopping at every station or travelling at over 2-miles-a-minute, keeping to schedule while offering a smooth ride is of upmost importance.

…Explore the Thames Valley…

Hang up the master key and just go for a walk, start at each station and take in the detail as you explore your surroundings. There are a total of 75 collectables for you to find in Train Sim World: Founders Edition, where will you start looking first?

…And so much more!

Catch a ride as a passenger, go trainspotting, unload aggregate, rescue a stranded HST, face the typically British weather – forget the “Beast from the East”, the “Best from the West” is available now in the form of Train Sim World: Founders Edition, exclusively for Xbox One! ■

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The Journey to Xbox
Posted by Dovetail Games Support on 05 March 2018 10:16 AM

Introducing Train Sim World: Founders Edition, coming exclusively to Xbox One on March 9th!

Available to Pre-Order now, Train Sim World: Founders Edition brings the bustling experience of the Great Western Main Line to your Xbox One console!

Read what Matt Peddlesden, Senior Producer, has to say below:

Train Simulation has been a personal passion of mine for the last 17 years, and as a console gamer myself since the first Xbox was launched in the UK, it's always been a dream of mine to get Train Sim on to a console. The slick user interface, easy-to-use controller and generally "lean back" gaming style is just super relaxing and beautifully matches up with the fundamentally relaxed nature of the Train Sim World experience.

There are a lot of challenges to bringing a simulation like Train Sim World over to a console platform. Design decisions that were thought to be sound on the PC become more thoroughly tested, for example - is the game fully controllable with a controller or am I actually using the odd key press here and there without necessarily thinking about it? How does the game look when it's on a TV a few feet away - are some of those fonts now looking a bit on the small side? Can we make a real world, one-to-one replication of the route come to life on the console? There aren't many console games with a 45 mile map you can freely move around in, let alone doing it smoothly at over 100mph.

One of my main goals when we embarked on the project to bring Train Sim World to the Xbox One was that I wanted to deliver our legendary quality to consoles for the first time and I'm really delighted to say that the team have delivered on that goal, the game that ships on the Xbox One brings you the great experience that players have been enjoying for years. You'll have access to all the same controls within the cab of the Class 66, Class 43 "High Speed Train" and Class 166 trains. You can drive a series of engaging scenarios including rescuing a broken down passenger train and even go open world and take part in the living, breathing world of Service Mode where trains will go about their duties and you can choose to be a passenger or drive a train or just sit back and watch it all happen.

We've achieved this by a process of optimisation, that is spending time really digging into the game and even the core game engine and identifying where time is being spent. We've optimised game models, lighting systems, the way we handle scenery, physics systems, how we make use of memory and much more. The team have also gone through a process of learning how to get the best out of the Xbox One.

One of my favourite benefits from being on the Xbox One has been how well the game integrates with the core Xbox Live platform. I can see at a glance how my friends are doing in the game, comparing statistics such as how many miles we've driven, or by seeing what my friends are doing within the game such as what scenarios they're playing just by looking at my friend list.

Bringing Train Sim World to the console also makes it a more social experience, my son and I will sit together while one of us drives and the other watches for signals, speed changes or talk about the things we see as we drive.

I don't need to bring my PC into the living room anymore, now I can just fire up my console and relax on my couch while I race down the Great Western Main Line at 125mph. That's the dream. - Matt Peddlesden, Senior Producer

And soon, you too can fulfil your dreams, as the highly anticipated arrival of Train Sim World on Xbox One is booked for departure on March 9th, all aboard! 

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