Posted by Jio Butler on 02 December 2016 03:22 PM

We have just released another update for Euro Fishing which aims to fix the known issues from the previous build. As ever, community input is vital as although all testing has shown this build to have no problems it’s impossible for us to emulate the many thousands of hours that you all spend with this release. If you do find something that isn’t right then please let us know with as much information as possible, including; game mode, lake, action performed, equipment

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Euro Fishing - PC Update Is Live
Posted by Scott Barker on 03 August 2016 10:21 AM

We are very pleased to announce that our update for PC is now live. The update to Xbox One is currently going through Microsoft Certification process and should be ready for release very shortly.

This update will align both the PC and Xbox builds and allows us to aim to launch simultaneous updates going forward. Highlights of this build

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Euro Fishing - Patch 3 Now Available
Posted by Scott Barker on 02 December 2015 04:47 PM


Patch 3 has now been released for Euro Fishing

Changelist as follows:

New content and features:

- Added 8 new Roach Boss Fish.
- Added a new feature that allows species-specific Live Tournaments.
- Game is now available in Czech.
- Game is now available in Polish.
- Game is now available in Russian.

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