Posted by Dovetail Games Support on 02 June 2017 08:35 AM
Hi all. Today we've released our 1.4 Update 'Bright Future'.

As we're certain you all already know, YN2 or Bright Future is a paint
scheme variation for CSX's Locos, introduced in the 1990s. As a thank you
for being with us on this journey from launch to today, we've released the
Bright Future paint scheme for free for each loco in Train Sim World: CSX
Heavy Haul. This update also contains additional fixes as referenced below,
and does now mark our slow down on the release of new updates. We will, of
course, be merging some outstanding issue fixes into our next BIG
destination for Train Sim World. We'll update you on that soon...

We have delivered 4 major updates since launch, and fixed 100+ individual
items in those updates. So if you ever tested on our beta branch, or alerted
us to an issue, or had an idea or a constructive comment on Train Sim World
so far, we thank you.

Get into service mode and scenarios to operate with your new paint schemes,
and post a screenshot!

Full Patch Notes:

New Features

*       CSX YN2 "Bright Future" paint scheme variants added for each locomotive
*       Service Mode and Scenarios Updated to incorporate the new paint
        scheme variants


*       Fixed save/reload for Clear Cut scenario


*       Removed the cube from beneath the Autorack Freight Car
*       A number of Key Rebinding System fixes as per customer feedback
*       Update to AC4400CW Bell Sound/Animation
*       Changed all "elephant" style consists to back-to-back
*       Changed all single-loco consist to have a back-to-back pair at the front
*       Changed Baltimore services so that they use single-stack cars

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