Posted by Scott Barker on 02 December 2015 04:47 PM


Patch 3 has now been released for Euro Fishing

Changelist as follows:

New content and features:

- Added 8 new Roach Boss Fish.
- Added a new feature that allows species-specific Live Tournaments.
- Game is now available in Czech.
- Game is now available in Polish.
- Game is now available in Russian.



- Smoothed the transfer between states such as entering reeling after casting and netting.

- Added a gentle idle motion to the static poses used for netting.


- Added an audio countdown for several game modes.

Environment Art:

- Added missing normal map textures.


- Removed the ability to rotate the character with the mouse when performing a cast. You can still rotate using the movement keys on the keyboard.

Main Menu:

- Deleted unused video assets and files to decrease total file size.
- Updated the splash screen to showcase new features and updates.

User Interface

- Added a button prompt to the Tournament teleport map.



- All rigs that we previously tagged as All have been changed to Gravel type rigs.
- Hook sizes have been adjusted so each hook can potentially catch a wider range of fish. This now means a larger hook will not exclusively catch large fish.
- Baits have been adjusted so a smaller range of fish will target certain baits.

Freedom Fishing:

- We've decreased how often Boss Fish will go for your bait.
- We've decreased the amount of TP awarded by fish weight.
- We've decreased how often fish will go for your bait.

Resolved Issues


- Fixed Sleeve collision with arm when presenting carp
- Fixed Sleeve collision with arm when presenting Tench


- Added water skimming back to the lead and spod.
- Fixed missed footstep audio when you first switch to first person.
- Reposition audio components on net to address inconsistent volume issue.
- Added sound to a missing ground texture.
- Fixed audio issues with the main menu.
- Fixed an audio issue when returning to the main menu from a session.

Environment Art:

- Repositioned a tent that was floating at Peg 30 on St Johns Lake.
- Change the collision on Digger Lakes to make the bank more accessible.
- Fixed an issue where grass was floating in Saint Johns Lake.
- Fixed an issue with black layers appearing in Digger Lakes.
- Repositioned a floating rock in The Observatory.
- Fixed an issue where players using AMD GPUs would get flickering shadows.
- Fixed a collision issue that stop players interacting with peg 5 in The Observatory.
- Fixed an issue with the grass in The Observatory.


- Fixed an issue where 15 lb lines were using the wrong breaking strain value.
- Fixed an issue where certain fish went for your bait regardless of its size or type.


- Fixed an issue where certain text was not being translated.
- Fixed a number of errors in the French translation.


- Fixed an issue where in some cases the player's profile isn't saved correctly, resulting in a full reset.
- Fixed an issue where a boss fish could be caught several times in a row.
- Fixed a rare issue where some users would crash when starting the game.


- Fixed an issue where players would encounter a crash in Multiplayer when a fish goes for the bait of a disconnecting player.
- Fixed an issue where players would encounter a crash when putting down their rod in multiplayer
- Fixed several instances where the game would crash in multiplayer due to animation issues
- Fixed an issue where only the host could catch fish by using 3 rods.
User Interface
- Updated the controller schemes to use one text element per line.
- Fixed text being cut off on tutorial select screen in German.
- Fixed text being cut off on the freedom fishing settings screen in German.
- Fixed text being cut off on the freedom fishing settings screen tackle box in all.
- Fixed an issue where the profile text is cut off.
- The Fish Species page has been updated to now say Common for Roach and Tench instead of an empty field.

Known Issues

- Fish can be randomly lost due to collision with the terrain.
- Fish can be seen moving above the water surface on Digger Lakes.
- Live Tournament in-game scoreboard does not always display the correct score in-game.
- The tension meter and pause menu is not available for the Host after playing the game for long sessions.
- The bed type icon doesn’t always display correctly.
- After catching a fish the character model will still be visible when playing in first person.

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