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The Motor Luggage Vans were a unique sight to behold in the Southern Region, and now they are available for Train Simulator!

Latched onto the front of many services bound for the Kent Coast, the BR Class 419 ‘Motor Luggage Vans’ provided extra capacity for passengers’ belongings on top-link journeys, such as the Dover boat trains. When not heading passenger stock, the ‘MLV’ fleet would frequent local Parcel trains, assisting with a pair of General Utility Vans ‘GUVs’ or even transporting water in TTA Wagons while out on day-to-day movements.

With the BR Class 419 for Train Simulator, you’ll be able to experience a taste of what it was like to haul both passengers and parcels through South London, and to boot, the 419 itself is packed with advanced features for you to enjoy and master!

  • Master Switch operation
  • Authentic Reverser & Power Controller Handle
  • Deadman’s Handle
  • Accurate Camshaft Controller Simulation, Overload & Safety System
  • Advanced wheelslip operation
  • EP, Auto Air, Vacuum & Parking Brakes
  • Multiple brake modes & combinations depending on what you are hauling
  • Battery Control
  • Parcel System
  • Efficiency Reporting System
  • And more!

Battery Control

Perhaps one of the most distinctive features of the Class 419 is its ‘battery operated’ mode. In order to reach places such as the un-electrified Folkestone and Dover quay lines (where passengers would switch to a ferry, continuing their journey) the boat trains would need power away from the third rail. This was seldom an issue in the steam days, but with slam-door EMUs now on the scene, a new answer was required.

The Class 419s were fitted with batteries that would be charged by the third rail, this would allow limited use away from any electrification. Performance wasn’t fantastic, but it didn’t need to be, half an hour was the supposed maximum battery charge and was ample enough for service.

In Train Simulator, the Class 419 is fully equipped to run on its batteries, and they are accurately simulated as such: voltage can vary as per prototype (depending on the state of charge) and if dropped too low can damage the batteries. Additionally, repeated use will diminish the maximum charge of the batteries, and running on third rail will recharge them (although a full charge can take anything up to 20 hours). The detail doesn’t stop there either…

Parcel System

In reality, parcels would be unloaded and loaded as required at select stations on a journey, this has been represented as part of the Class 419 for Train Simulator by implementing a unique Parcels System.

By default, the loading and unloading of parcel bags will be random after each station stop, however you can have an input with keyboard commands; pick up only, drop off only, reduce number of bags picked up, or load/unload all bags at the next station. When you open the doors, you will see the baggage compartments of the Class 419 fill up or empty accordingly.

In conjunction with the Parcel System is an implemented Guard System. When picking up or dropping off a certain number of bags, it can take longer than a scheduled stop at a station, leaving the MLV doors open after the passenger doors of an EMU behind have already closed. To ensure you don’t move away with the MLV doors still open, the guard will apply the emergency brakes should you start to move. After the doors have closed, the guard will sound two rings of his bell, repeat the message back and then you are clear to depart. Atop that…

Efficiency Reporting System

With a simple press of Ctrl+4, you are able to get a report on various driving statistics for your current scenario. Everything from energy consumption, average speed and distance travelled, CO2 production and general efficiency. Not only interesting, this information can give you an idea of how you are driving, which if in battery mode, is ideal – you don’t want to get stranded! Note, you can click on the image above to see the Class 419’s efficiency report system in action.

To put your skills to the test, 3 Career scenarios for the South London Network route – which is currently on sale – offer both parcel and passenger use in less-than-favourable conditions; be careful to not lock up the wheels! Each scenario lets you drive the Class 419 in the quaint London & South East ‘Jaffa Cake’ livery, and through quick drive, you are also able to enjoy parcel services under a Network SouthEast guise. A full list of included rolling stock is below…

  • BR Class 419 MLV in London & South East ‘Jaffa Cake’ and Network SouthEast liveries
  • BR Class 421 4-CIG in BR Blue & Grey and Network SouthEast liveries
  • BR Class 423 4-VEP in BR Blue & Grey and Network SouthEast liveries
  • Mk1 General Utility Van (GUV) in BR Blue livery
  • TTA Tank Wagon (Water Only)

All these advanced features have, quite suitably, landed the BR Class 419 in the Pro Range.
What is the Pro Range? Find out by clicking here.

The BR Class 419 is available now for Train Simulator, head to the Store for more details! 

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