Posted by DTG Support SD on 01 June 2018 10:11 AM

On July 24th, the complete Train Sim World experience will be available as a multi-route package for the first time on Windows PC, Xbox One & PS4!


Train Sim World offers you the opportunity to be the driver. Walk around stations, sidings and freight yards in immersive First-Person, on some of the World’s most amazing railways. Climb aboard a variety of famed diesel and electric traction from around the globe and master authentically recreated routes and systems.


With the power of Unreal Engine 4® and our pioneering SimuGraph® technology, you can feel the detail of driving a 100 ton, 4000 horsepower locomotive or state-of-the-art electric multiple units. In the cab the interactivity captivates as you hurtle along at speed, remaining vigilant at all times and ready for anything, including the next station!


Windows PC

If you have been keeping up with the single route releases of Train Sim World and already own CSX Heavy Haul (PC only), Great Western Express, Rapid Transit and Northeast Corridor New York, you’re all set! If you don’t own all of this content a complete my collection bundle will be available to you from July 24th and save some money this weekend on the Steam Store.

Xbox One

If you already own Train Sim World: Founders Edition which contains Great Western Express, the full release of Train Sim World will be available to you as an in-game purchase at a discount on July 24th, adding Rapid Transit and Northeast Corridor New York to your sim - and the GP40-2 if you go for the Digital Deluxe edition! If you don’t yet own the Founders Edition, why not pick it up today? Get a taste of what’s to come and be ready for the full release!


European players can benefit by pre-ordering Train Sim World soon on the PlayStation Store, US players will be able to purchase on July 24th; we welcome you all to our world of train simulation!

Where else will it be available?

Additionally, the Standard Edition will also be available in disc form from your local or online retailers!


Great Western Express

Great Western Express brings to life one of Britain’s busiest railways, and you’ve been invited to work for Great Western Railway. Take control of the iconic High-Speed Train and command it to 125mph out of London's Paddington Main Line Station, step up to the challenge of running a reliable commuter service with the Class 166, or experience a change of pace hauling Class 66-hauled freight.

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Rapid Transit

Rapid Transit brings to life the experience of driving rapid transit commuter passenger trains on one of Germany’s most popular S-Bahn railways. You’ve been invited to work for Deutsche Bahn as a driver on Germany’s distinctive Mitteldeutschland S-Bahn, take control of the sleek DB BR 1442 ‘Talent 2’ and transport passengers along the S-Bahn S2-Line through the historic and picturesque city of Leipzig.

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Northeast Corridor New York

Northeast Corridor New York brings to life the experience of driving passenger and freight trains on the Northeast Corridor in New York. Go to work as an engineer on one of America’s most famous railroads, transport passengers in the state-of-the-art Amtrak ACS-64 and serve the city in the CSX GP38-2 freight locomotive in and around New York.

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Also available in online stores will be the Train Sim World: Digital Deluxe Edition - by purchasing this bundle you'll get the CSX GP40-2 upon release which enhances the Northeast Corridor New York experience by giving you a choice of freight locomotives to operate in Service Mode! The CSX GP40-2 additionally features scenarios and Service Mode compatibility for CSX Heavy Haul (PC only).