Posted by DTG Support DM on 09 April 2019 01:57 PM
We are bringing a new update to Train Sim World.

This update is aimed at fixing various issues with the Talent Multiple Unit, fixing signalling and re-introducing PZB to the Rapid Transit Route, and also introducing fixes to the PC version of Main-Spessart Bahn Route, which have already been applied on the console version.

Estimated size of the update is 15GB. 
Estimated release date: 10th April 2019, 1PM GMT.

Rapid Transit Route:

Introduced various signalling fixes and updates across the route:
  • Introduced mode updates and re-simulations affecting timings in order to accommodate the DB BR 182 services.
  • PZB was updated to give 1000hz influence when passing flashing green signals.
  • Flashing green aspect now only occurs on signals with active Zs3v.
  • Updated all Zs2, 2v, 3v and 6 indicators to use new dot matrix displays.
  • Reviewed and added new PZB speeds magnets throughout the route.
  • Adjusted speed limits along the route.
  • Fixed an issue with missing or incorrect door sides for all passengers loading at stations.
  • Fixed an issue signal head not being able to show Sh1 on entry to siding at Leipzig Messe.
  • Changed junctions from automatic to manual in Dessau Yard.
  • Resolved electrification error south of Leipzig MDR.
Introduced various fixed to services:
  • Moved the 23:15 service to 23:17 so it starts correctly.
  • Adjusted the Leipzig Connewitz Platform 3 northbound stops to prevent them from requesting routes beyond until ready to proceed.

DB BR 1442 “Talent 2” Electric Multiple Unit:
  • Fixed an issue where the location of headlights was out of sync when playing at low frame rate.
  • Fixed an issue where MR/BP needles were showing the wrong way around.
  • Fixed an issue where MFD Clock was not updating correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where cabs were not swapping correctly when using multiple units.
  • Fixed door operations from multiple cabs.
  • Fixed an issue where Digital Displays were not updating correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where locking one side of the doors would lock both doors.
  • HUD has been updated to the current standard to reflect the updated PZB information.
  • Introduced various optimisations to the audio occlusion performance.
  • Added Tempomat to the HUD.
  • Added a new PZB system.

Main-Spessart Bahn (PC only):
These changes are already present on the console versions.
  • Miscellaneous environment geometry and collision fixes.
  • Fixed an issue with height of Auto Runner scenario start marker.
  • Unlocked the throttle control when told to stop at Gemunden in case the throttle is set to anything other than off in the Doppelstockwagen introduction.
  • Fixed an issue with Dosto horn audio not playing correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with the destination control beep requiring pressing the button too hard on Dosto.
  • Added missing audio for the Sifa pedal and reset buttons on Dosto.
  • Flipped two single slip junction motor sets to sit the correct side of the track on Gemunden station.
  • Fixed an issue on Services 82126 and 83150 preventing getting up the hill and subsequently completing the services.

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