Posted by DTG Support CM on 25 May 2021 10:11 AM

Today we are bringing an update for Train Sim World 2 including Preserved Collection. This update brings improvements to a range of products but specifically for the recently released Hauptstrecke Hamburg - Lübeck and further fixes for Long Island Rail Road, Rapid Transit and DB BR 182. Please find the full update log below:

Hauptstrecke Hamburg - Lübeck

  • Fixed an issue that caused all 500 Hz and 2000 Hz PZB magnets to be incorrectly set as 1000 Hz magnets.
  • Fixed an issue with AFB causing a full application of Rheostatic Brake all the time on the DB BR 182.
  • Fixed an issue with platform definition so that the Passenger Information System can display appropriate platform numbers.
  • Updated destination displays to show 'Service Number' from the Timetable Service information as well as the final destination station name.
  • Corrected the service number entries to refer to 'RB 81' instead of '11430'.
  • Fixed several Stop At locations so they appear in the correct place and not halfway down the platform.
  • Updated RailDriver configuration to use preferred controls for AFB/SpeedSelector and ForceSelector.

Rapid Transit

  • Relocated all S6 services so that they no longer foul the stop blocks in the head shunt and derail.
  • Fixed missing intermediate station detail on Passenger Information Systems for several service patterns.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented ICE trains from operating through Bitterfeld at xx:15 and xx:45 past each hour.

Long Island Rail Road

  • Updated the Passenger Information System display board design and format to make them display closer to prototype.
  • Passenger Information System should now correctly display trains and arrival times in scenarios.
  • Added virtual destinations to services beyond Hicksville (to Ronkonkoma) and Woodside (to Port Washington) to power the Passenger Information System at stations.
  • Fixed 4xx services from Port Washington incorrectly using the crossover mid-platform at New York Penn station in Timetable Mode.
  • Reviewed and corrected instances of DespatchBeyond settings across entire timetable so they are properly defined for appropriate services.
  • Fixed several instances of floating Stop Car markers at various stations.
  • Stairs model at New York Penn Station has been adjusted to reduce flicker and clipping, and has been re-baked to resolve any lighting issues.
  • NPCs should now correctly disembark the train on all platforms and move freely around the station at Woodside.

DB BR 182

  • Fixed an issue that caused a number of configuration issues with PZB and LZB when saving and reloading.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the LZB indicator from illuminating appropriately.
  • Fixed an issue with PZB and LZB that resulted in players being unable to acknowledge appropriately.
  • Fixed several instances of floating scenario trigger markers.

The update will download automatically for owners when they become available. Players should allow at least 24 hours after restarting Steam or their console for the update to appear and before contacting Customer Support.

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