Posted by DTG Support CM on 28 July 2021 11:42 AM
Today we are bringing an update for the Union Pacific FEF-3 (including Overland variation) and the Union Pacific Big Boy by Smokebox for Train Simulator 2021. This update brings a variety of fixes and enhancements for the locos. Please see the complete changelog below:

Union Pacific FEF-3 (including Overland variation)
  • Advanced and HUD versions are now identical, meaning that they are both equally realistic/advanced but also both can be operated with the F4 HUD.
  • Expert Automatic Fireman is now enabled by default (but can still be switched off in the usual way).
  • Expert Automatic Engineer added (toggled on/off by pressing 'E'), with the ability to manage the reverser, throttle and brakes to control the speed of the train automatically in accordance with the current and upcoming speed limits.
  • Improved sounds for:
    • Air compressor
    • Chuffs
    • Clanking
    • Power reverser
    • Brake stand
    • Bell
    • Whistle (with the ability to toggle, using 'Ctrl + Shift + Space', between the new and original sounds)
    • Sight glass blowdowns
  • Improved lights:
    • Headlights now warm up and cool down instead of being instantly on or off.
    • The beam of light cast by the headlight on the ground and objects in front of the loco can be toggled on and off (ctrl shift H).
    • Running lights now include a 3D glow.
    • Light switch functionality corrected (identical to the new Big Boy).
    • Cab, gauge and deck lights are on by default and can be switched on or off by clicking on them.
    • Injector light added on the right-hand side beneath the cab floor.
    • Class light glow brightened.
    • Darker red lens on Mars light when switched off.
  • More authentic functionality for the 8-ET brake stand:
    • Automatic train brake 'First Service' position and cut-out.
    • Independent brake 'Locomotive Emergency Brake Cylinder Pressure Control' cut-out.
  • More authentic rates of change.
  • Live Injector now includes visible priming and regulation notches on the injector lever quadrant and their associated functionality (same as the new Big Boy).
  • Improved texturing on several items:
    • Brass handles (firing handle, automatic train brake handle and throttle).
    • Silver trim now looks like silver instead of white.
    • Soot deposits on the top of the boiler (Overland livery).
  • Back pressure and steam chest calculations are more accurate and realistic.
  • More realistic voluminous smoke effects.
  • Cab view positions modified slightly to give a better view ahead.

  • Initial set-up of the cab modified:

    • Doors and windows are opened.

    • Dynamo, air pump, blow-off shut-off, master cylinder cocks, running lights, left-hand cab light and gauge lights are all turned on.

    • Engine brakes are applied.

    • Automatic Train Brake placed in 'Running'.

  • More realistic coupler slack on the tenders and UP lightweight cars.

  • Improved flickering of flames in the firebox.

  • Train number boards - less flickering when viewed at long distance through the zoom lens

  • Locomotive number can be changed in-scenario using 'Ctrl 5' or 'Shift 5'.

  • Smoke deflectors can be toggled on and off by clicking on the Tank Blow Back valve in the cab.

  • AI-only locos automatically blow the whistle when starting and stopping.

  • Animated whistle lever, cord and spring at the whistle air joint in the top of the smokebox.

Union Pacific Big Boy (Smokebox)

  • A small but vital update for the Big Boy to enable double-heading compatibility with the FEF-3.
  • Fixed a minor texturing issue on the front engine bed.
  • Small enhancement to the look of the smoke.

The updates will download automatically for owners of the above add-ons when they become available. Players should allow at least 24 hours after restarting Steam for the update to appear and before contacting Customer Support. The approximate download size for this update is 245 MB.

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