Posted by Scott Barker on 03 August 2016 10:21 AM

We are very pleased to announce that our update for PC is now live. The update to Xbox One is currently going through Microsoft Certification process and should be ready for release very shortly.

This update will align both the PC and Xbox builds and allows us to aim to launch simultaneous updates going forward. Highlights of this build include;

• New boss fish have been added to every lake with many named by the community including a 151lb catfish in Presa Del Monte Bravo
• Controller vibration is now fully supported and can be turned on or off in the settings menu
• You now need to hold down the B button to open and close a peg to stop you opening or closing by accident
• An option to invert the Y axis of the camera in the settings menu
• Improvements to lines to stop them snapping so easily

The update will automatically install the next time that you launch the game after release and full patch notes are available below;

New Features

• PC/Xbox – New Boss Fish have been added to every lake including L’Arene
• PC/Xbox – Force feedback is now fully supported and is operated in the settings menu
• PC/Xbox – You now hold the B button to close your peg.
• PC/Xbox – Added option to invert the Y axis of the camera in the Settings menu
• PC – added an option in the settings menu to change character
• PC – Automatic netting
• PC – Integrated Steam Friends List to make invites easier in-game
• PC – There is now an icon to show when a fish is tired on the line and can be netted
• PC – Added an option to navigate the Player List and Leader board


• PC/Xbox – Increased the number of fish in Presa Del Monte Bravo
• PC/Xbox – New text localized into Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Polish & Russian
• PC/Xbox – Loading icon added after you select a peg from the map
• PC/Xbox – Added the option to cancel a cast before you release the line
• PC – Terrain materials have been optimized in L’Arene
• PC – Lighting in L’Arene has been updated
• PC – Audio optimization so it uses less memory
• PC – Altered the volume of splash effects
• PC – Improvements to XBOX controller support
• PC – Drag wheel now increases continuously when held
• PC – Version of Unreal Engine is now 4.11
• PC – Removed unused functions objects in the level
• PC – Removed unused actions and button prompts
• PC – Striking improved
• PC – Character animation has been optimized
• PC – Default tackle box now has 3 rods
• PC – Banned words list has been updated
• PC – Changed Cast X Yard text to include imperial expression
• PC – Performance improvements
• PC – Added more informative messages when failing to join a multiplayer session
• PC – Improvements to how the line is replicated in multiplayer
• PC – Optimization to how much peg information is replicated on the server
• PC – Added an option to cancel creating or joining a session
• PC – Added a time out to matchmaking UI
• PC – Removed unused distance text UI element
• PC – Default leader boards are now set to “Global” instead of “Friends”
• PC – No Results message has been added to the Challenge Freedom Fishing leader boards
• PC – Added a confirmation overlay to the Settings menu to apply a change
• PC – Control scheme widget has been improved to show the correct control scheme
• PC – Updated controller icons to XBOX ONE style
• PC – Updated highlight states of certain UI elements in the game
• PC – Single Player Tournament settings are now set up like other setting menus

Bug Fixes

• PC/Xbox – Where certain objects in Digger Lakes had no collision
• PC/Xbox – Where certain objects in The Observatory had no collision
• PC/Xbox  – Where the wake emitters were visible by default in multiplayer
• PC/Xbox – Where the player could get stuck at the end of a game mode
• PC/Xbox – Where the volumes weren’t triggered
• PC/Xbox – Were the clients in MP were not able to set the hook when using a float
• PC/Xbox  – When a host migration is in progress when standing on a peg
• PC/Xbox – Where the player state machine was set up incorrectly
• PC/Xbox – Where the user loses control of the camera after host migration
• PC/Xbox – Where some players did not have any character info
• PC/Xbox – Where an incorrect number of fish were present in the lake
• PC/Xbox – Where you couldn’t move the rod in Stalking tutorial
• PC/Xbox – Where the claim peg option wasn’t shown
• PC/Xbox – When a UI element is closed too quickly
• PC – Digger Lakes ground material normal map has been fixed
• PC – Where time of day simulation was not implemented correctly
• PC – Moved actors to the correct streaming level
• PC – Where certain foliage objects were not visible when they should be
• PC – Force shadow quality to be no greater than 2 on AMD GPU cards to avoid crashes
• PC – Removed aspect ratio settings on a number of camera to fix black bar issues
• PC – Female characters not using the head tracking feature
• PC – Collision in Presa Del Monte Bravo has been improved around the lake
• PC – Collision in St Johns has been improved around the lake
• PC – Where a number of audio elements were not being played correctly
• PC – Where the audio wasn’t working on the Main Menu
• PC – Names have been updated to reflect the profile screen
• PC – Where the controller is disconnected
• PC – Presa Del Monte Bravo teleport location has been moved so it’s no longer in the foliage
• PC – It is now possible to lose a fish due to low tension
• PC – Where you could have the Pause Menu and Quick Travel menu open at the same time
• PC – When exiting a Live Tournament when it is refreshing the leader board at the same time
• PC – Where the initial bait was being set to the wrong rig after spawning
• PC – Where certain strings were not being localized
• PC – Where you could join a session you were already in
• PC – Where host migration was not working in the Lobby Menu
• PC – When logging out during the loading screen
• PC – Where a host migration would fail on a second attempt
• PC – Where there was a long delay when quitting a lobby
• PC – Fixed scores not being sorted after host migration
• PC – Where the name of the fish was localized to the host’s native language
• PC – Where you would automatically reel in Multiplayer if you bring up the Pause Menu
• PC – where the player could get stuck if they released the fish too quickly
• PC – Where you could not complete the baiting tutorial
• PC – UI elements that were being clipped in the multiple languages
• PC – Fixed a z order issue in the Pause Menu with warning messages
• PC – Fixed an issue where you lose UI focus when returning to the Main Menu
• PC – Improvements made to fix an issue where the bed type icon is not always visible
• PC – Where Multiplayer menus did not have button prompts
• PC – Overlapping Leader board and Pause menu at the beginning of challenges
• PC – Clipping issues in the Multiplayer HUD
• PC – Wrong leader board name being shown in challenges

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