Posted by Jio Butler on 02 December 2016 03:22 PM

We have just released another update for Euro Fishing which aims to fix the known issues from the previous build. As ever, community input is vital as although all testing has shown this build to have no problems it’s impossible for us to emulate the many thousands of hours that you all spend with this release. If you do find something that isn’t right then please let us know with as much information as possible, including; game mode, lake, action performed, equipment being used.

Fixes for this build include the following:

–          Fixed issue preventing the Friends leaderboard from displaying correctly when taking part in the challenges.

–          Fixed issue that caused the game to enter an unresponsive state when putting down the spod rod on a claimed peg.

–          Fixed an issue which caused clients to not be able to claim pegs in a multiplayer match.

–          Fixed a crash that could occur when spawning on a lake in a multiplayer match.

–          Fixed an issue preventing users from being able to get past the registration screen when running the game in French.

If you are still having these issues, please ensure you have automatic updates enabled on Steam, and you can also try verifying your game files as per these instructions:

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