Posted by Jio Butler on 19 December 2016 03:36 PM

We have now released an update for the Beta.

Here's the patch notes:

  • We are extending the Beta period by two days and the Beta will now end on 21st December.
  • We have identified and provided a fix for the VicoDynamics.dll crash. This fix will improve compatibility with older Intel CPUs. If you're using an older intel CPU then you should find you no longer need to remove this file for the game to work. If you get a "fatal error" crash after the update however, you should remove that file again. Essentially this is because the VicoDynamics DLL requires a minimum age of CPU to support what it does, the crash means your CPU does not meet this requirement. Going forward, we are removing VicoDynamics DLL entirely and replacing it with an alternative approach. The VicoDynamics DLL is used to control the physics of the refuelling hose, removing it will only prevent that one aspect of the game from working, everything else should work fine.
  • The issue where the camera gets sucked in to the rail vehicles/couplers, and requires resetting with CTRL+0, has been fixed.
  • We have identified and fixed the major cause of the crash that occurs when entering the 2D map. Pressing 9 to bring up the map should now crash less often. We are not confident we have isolated ALL causes, but this seems to be the more prevalent one. We need your feedback and bug reports whether this has been resolved for you or not.
  • We have identified and fixed the cause of rail vehicles falling through the ground.

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