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By popular demand, New York – New Haven Scenario Pack 02 delivers more railroading action around the Big Apple!

The recent New York – New Haven Scenario Pack 01 proved a Train Simulator best-seller and, by popular demand, the all-new New York – New Haven Scenario Pack 02 now brings you even more bustling and challenging Amtrak passenger and Metro-North commuter railroading!

Extending north and east from New York City’s two great passenger stations – New York’s Penn Station and Grand Central Terminal – to New Haven, Connecticut, Train Simulator’s NEC: New York – New Haven route represents one of America’s busiest and most famous rail lines. Available now, New York – New Haven Scenario Pack 02 puts you to work on this famous line, as you take the throttle of a variety of Amtrak intercity passenger and Metro-North commuters trains in 10 new and realistic career scenarios!

New York – New Haven Scenario Pack 02 brings to vivid life challenging everyday operations on Train Simulator’s NEC: New York – New Haven route, and re-creates some intriguing special services. Let’s take a closer look at the challenging duties, diverse locomotives and trains, and authentic operations that await you as a Train Simulator engineer in this new career scenario pack which I’ve had the pleasure to develop on behalf of High Iron Simulations and Dovetail Games’ Train Simulator Partner Programme.

Amtrak Acela

You’ll take the throttle of America’s fastest and sleekest train in the two-part scenario “Amtrak Acela 2190.” As engineer of the first scheduled morning Acela service from New York to Boston, you’ll board your passengers at famed New York Penn Station, make your way over Amtrak’s famed Hell Gate Bridge and Hell Gate Line to Shell Interlocking in New Rochelle, New York, then handle the early morning run over busy Metro-North trackage to New Haven, Connecticut.

Metro-North Kawasaki M8 EMU

The EMU workhorse of Metro-North’s New Haven Line is well represented in New York – New Haven Scenario Pack 02. During rush hours, Metro-North operates “Harrison Flip Backs,” which run from New York Grand Central Terminal only as far as Harrison, New York, then return to GCT. In the career scenario “Harrison Flip Back,” you are the engineer of Kawasaki M8-equipped MNCR Train 1279, the New York-bound return portion of a flip back, ready to board passengers at Harrison, then proceed with intermediate stops to busy Grand Central Terminal.

And in the scenario “Yankee Clipper,” you’ll experience an unusual but highly authentic MNCR service. During the Major League baseball season, Metro-North operates direct services on the New Haven Line to legendary Yankee Stadium and its 153rd Street Station located on the Hudson Line. In this scenario, you are the engineer of “Yankee Clipper” service 7523 on the New Haven Line bound for New York 153rd Street for a Saturday afternoon Yankees game.

Amtrak ACS-64 City Sprinter

Amtrak’s newest and most advanced electric locomotive, the Siemens “City Sprinter” will be your charge on a snowy day in the two-part scenario “Bound for Richmond.” Amtrak Train 93 is a Monday-through-Thursday service operating from Boston, Massachusetts to Richmond, Virginia, and as engineer of Train 93 you’ll proceeded from New Haven to New York Penn Station amid daunting winter weather.

Metro-North “New Haven” FL9

The distinctive Electro-Motive FL9 was an iconic fixture on the New Haven Line for nearly half-a-century until finally retired with the arrival of GE P32AC-DM locomotives. And during the era of the New Haven Railroad, the dual-mode locomotives regularly operated over the Hell Gate Line. In the two-part scenario “Return of the Patriot,” a pair of MNCR FL9s in New Haven “McGinnis” livery take command of a special railfan weekend excursion that begins on “rare trackage” at the Long Island Railroad’s Long Island City station, then proceeds via Hell Gate Bridge and MNCR’s ex-NYNH&H trackage all the way to New Haven Union Station.

Amtrak HHP-8 “Hippo”

In the career scenario “HHP-8 Hippo Finale,” it is October 2014 and only two of Amtrak’s often trouble-plagued HHP-8 electrics remain in service. You are the engineer of Amtrak Train 173 on a rainy autumn afternoon in 2014, making your way over a congested Metro-North New Haven Line and Amtrak’s Hell Gate Line southbound to New York Penn Station.

Metro-North GE P32AC-DM

Metro-North P32AC-DM “Genesis” diesels and Shoreliner commuter coaches that work the MNCR Danbury Branch from time-to-time make their way to Metro-North’s shops in New Haven for servicing and inspection. In the scenario “Danbury Deadhead,” it is a Sunday night and you have been called to pull together a consist at New Haven with a P32AC-DM, then run deadhead to South Norwalk in anticipation of the following day’s services.

In its 10 career scenarios, which provide eight hours of all-new and realistic operations, New York – Haven Scenario Pack 02 puts you in the cabs of six different Amtrak and Metro-North locomotive and train types, and covers the breadth of the popular NEC: New York – New Haven route across the seasons and through a variety of conditions.

The best of Big Apple railroading action awaits you in New York – New Haven Scenario Pack 02, now available at the Steam Store!

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